“The boy who harnessed the wind”

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This all starts when a young boy William kamkwamba faces struggles at once. When he was about the age of fourteen, his father who is a farmer faced natural hazards(Famine). Due to that his education was affected, since we know that no money no education. Although he was removed from the school, he didn’t give up. He struggled since he had a motive that education has a value which will yield something productive for him in the future. So he borrowed books from library. Eventually he was successful by making the wind mill. Through that he helped his parents, and boosted his confidence that he can do something. This sets up with a learning that we need to be determined, and have hardworking efforts to succeed.
After his success his talent was appreciated by the local journalist. The journalist than posted it to blogger, than his work was appreciated. This shows us that if we couldn’t have blogs, Williams voice couldn’t be heard. Therefore we should appreciate what we have.

“Bringing Up Adultolescents”

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“Bringing up Adultolescents” is an article written by Peg Tyre, and it was published by the Newsweek on March 25, 2002. As one reads the article he/she will identify the claims which the author has used so as to define the adultolescents phenomenon, to establish its existence, and to suggest some possible causes for the situation. Although all three of these types of claims are arguably well established, it seems that the purpose of the article, as indicated by the title, is to suggest how this situation has come about. The audiences that the article will target are the parents, and their overgrown kids who depend on them. The article will try giving the causes which might change the parent’s point of view. The article will also provide areas where it shows how parents are concerned about their children this might develop sense of understanding in their children.

Paragraph 1 & 2- Claim of definition
It can be noticed in paragraph 1 when the author writes “it’s hard to feel like a Master of the universe when you are sleeping in your old twin bed”.

Paragraph 2 its straight forward, if we notice the last sentence “ in the process, they have created a whole new breed of child-the adultolescent”.

Paragraph 3
In this paragraph I noticed the claim of definition as well as claim of fact. I noticed the claim of definition in the starting when the author says “these over grown kids seem content to enjoy the protection of their parents as they drift from adolescence to early adulthood.” It defines the adultolescents once again. I noticed the claim of fact when the author presented the statistical support for its existence.

Paragraph 4
In this paragraph I noticed claim of definition as the author writes “unlike their counterparts in the early 90s, adultolescents aren’t demoralized slackers lining up for the bathroom with their longing to be empty nester parents”. Here we can notice that the author gave the definition of adultolescents in the 90s so as to provide a comparison between the adultolescents in the 90s and now in the year 2000 and onwards.

Paragraph 5
In this paragraph I noticed the claim of cause, when the author writes “ the decades long run up in the housing market has made a starter home a pipe dream for most people under 30”. This shows one of the causes which leads the overgrown kids to stay with their parents.

Paragraph 6-15
As I was going through this paragraphs I noticed that the author used the claim of cause throughout this paragraphs. I noticed the article mentioned some professionals from different fields, and they provided some factors in respect to their feilds which have lead to this situation. Hence it basically demonstrated causes. The last paragraph showed the cause differently, it provides an example of Finn that moved to Washington DC, due to his job, while her mom although had some hard time, but copped up with the situation. This shows that the relief in the parents was due to Finns settlement.

I believe that the paragraphs are being arranged in the format because it wants us to grasp the situation systematically through understanding the meaning first, its existence, and lastly the causes. The relation between the paragraph is that they are connected to the subjected discussed ie. Adultolescents.

Adultolescents are grown up children who depend on their parents. Yes this situation exists, and I experienced it through my brother’s friend. He is 28, not got a job, and stays at parents house. I believe that many factors have contributed to this situation. The two dominating factors I can think of is the parents love towards children, and the knowledge of child on parents wealth. If I am asked whether situation is good or bad, I would say it’s very bad because your parents work hard for you, and when it comes time for them to rest instead of getting support they are asked for support. I believe that the parents should be strict on children; this will guide the children to a successful future. I also think that the parents shouldn’t explore their wealth to the children; this will develop a working tendency, and hence will explore the hardships of life. If majority of our parents follow up these suggestions we will have a generation full of independent people.

The Source That I Used.

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I used an article titled “Crisis in Darfur” by Miss Karen Foerstel. I choose this article not only because it’s related to the topic I intend to discuss in essay 3, but because it possessed some useful information that helped me in evaluating the source. The information include a short biography about the author, it highlighted the experience of the author in writing; hence it build up my trust towards her writing. The second thing is that I obtained it from CQ Global researcher, it is one of the most trusted cite for finding sources. I also found out that the writer included graphs and information which she cited perfectly. The article was published on the 2nd September 2008, and was last updated on the 2nd January 2010; this gave me a confidence that the writer is serious on the issue discussed hence keeps us updated by adding new information in the article. This article was written to educate the general public on the issue of conflicts. Therefore I believe that this source is reliable, and will prove to be helpful for my next essay as well.

The evaluation of the sources provided:

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http:// http://www.stateuniversity.com/blog/permalink/affrimative-action-Arguments for-and -against .html
This link took us to a blog which is written by Gayla Martindale, and it seems that she is a student of a particular University, since the information was found under the college and university blog. From the link it can be seen that the information provided is used for the commercial purpose. I believe it’s published by the agents who deal in settling students to particular universities, since as we scroll up the page it provides a list of different universities for selection. One of the most important thing which helped me in evaluating the source was the question that did she cite her sources, since the topic discussed needs research. It looked as if no citation was included; therefore I can conclude by saying that this source is not reliable.

http:// http://www.understanding prejudice.org/readroom/articles/affirm.htm
This link leads us to information about prejudice, and it seems that it might be kept so as to broaden the opinions of students and some people on the issue. From the link we can know that it’s by an organization, the organization is Social Psychological Network. As I researched on the organization, I found that it is one of the organizations which are devoted to psychological research and teaching, so my guess was correct. The information on prejudice is beautifully explained with some good physiological terminologies. It is also supported with some graphs, and some outside sources which are cited in the article. Lastly as I scrolled to the bottom of the page I found out the authors name. His name is S Plous, and he created it in 2001, and recently edited in 2010. The source discussed is strong, since it passes the questions which we might ask our self while evaluating a source.

This is a document from the RYT hospital. As I researched on it I found the link as follows, http://www.rythospital.com, this link reveals the motive of posting the document. From the link we can find out that the document is posted for the commercial purpose, and it’s listed under disclaimer that the information is not for a patient’s education it’s for general reference. The document has some good elaborations on the subject, and they support it with patient Cynthia Smith reaction on the use Nano technology, she was really amazed and impressed. The information on the Nano technology can be of interest, but the RYT hospital staff have kept the advertising in front, hence the source is not that strong. It can be used as a reference if one is researching on Nano technology.

The article on pregnant women can drink safely in moderation is a well organized article which was published by AIM (Alcohol in Moderation). AIM is an independent not for profit organization whose role is to communicate “The Responsible Drinking Message. The article which we see is referenced, which convinces us partially, the article was created in 2003, and was last edited on Tuesday November 18 2008. There is a gap between the date of creation and updating, but we can trust it since it’s published by AIM. This article is organized nicely, but I found some things that confused me, such as the statement that the Methods section of each study was examined independently by two blinded investigators. Logically speaking, can blind men do this type of examination, no its Bias. The source was organized in systematic order, had a support of an organization, but had content that doesn’t convince my thinking. Therefore I believe that it needs to be edited again.

Tried opening the link above but couldn’t open for certain reasons, but basically I would like to say that the sources from the government are believed to be reliable.

Toulmin Analysis of The debate between Martin O Malley and Robert L. Ehrlich on Public education:

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During The debate between Mr. Martin O Malley and Mr. Robert L Ehlrich i got to know a lot of things about our economy, but the most interesting part was when these guests were arguing over the issue of education. On this issue both personality had a claim that there are some public schools that are underperforming, and that needs to be improved. Here the contenders for the governor’s position had the same claim, but have different opinions.
To start off with Mr Martin O Malley, he says that he cut the state budget by $5.6 million and invested in public education. He supports that by saying that the investment was appreciated by many experts around the country. He then states that apart from this investment there are some schools that are underperforming; here he supports the claim that there is a need for improvement. He provides his opinion that we need to attract some leaders and teachers. He also says that we need a tracking system that tracks the education of the students throughout a particular students schooling period.
Here it can be believed that Mr Malley provided his support since this issue affects many people in the state, and since this is an election period he may want to convince the audience so that they can vote for him. He is using politics out here.
Secondly Mr Robert L Enrlich responded by saying that, Thornton being a major boost in public education, although he wasn’t supported by the legislature on its funding. He said that he worked out efforts and funded it to the tune of $1.4 million. To support that his funding had brought positive effects he mentions some counties where there are terrific school it includes Howard and Montgomery County.
He says that the underperformance is due to students denied their constitutional rights. To support that he states that in around eleven schools mostly African American kids were denied their constitutional rights, from his tone it seemed that he was quite furious regarding this topic. Secondly he attacks Mr Malley by saying that he and his leadership fooled around with the public. To support that he states when those 11 schools were failing we had kids with the pass rates 4, 6, and 8percent, and the leadership in an election year just had to protect those numbers.
After that statement by Mr Enrlich the environment caught fire and Mr Malley responded by saying that the its not due to the protection of political monopoly , but to protect the progress of kids. He supports that by saying that 10 years ago there was no single school that scores majority proficient in math and reading, but today we have majority which do that.
Basically both the contenders supported the claim, but were illustrating that one is bad, that shows that they are playing politics with the people, this can be supported when Mr Malley says you cut school funding in easier times, and Mr Enrlich says that Mr Malley cut $150 million out of school construction funding. They demonstrated politics live.
I had a probability that these individuals are demonstrating political monopoly, and I was satisfied by the last point where these people expose each other; hence it’s certain they are only supporting the claim to gain the favour of the citizens of Maryland.
Source of the Transcript: http://www.baltimoresun.com/news/maryland/politics/bs-md-debate-transcript-20101011,0,4509393.story)

remember me

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When I was looking for a film critique online, I came across Remember me. This film falls under the category of romance, and was analyzed by Karen Suess. She has proven to be a good writer by using a polite tone throughout her writing, and simple English which enables everyone to grasp it easily.
In the first paragraph Karen writes as follow,” When I decided to watch Remember Me, I expected some stupid love story. I was wrong. Yes, it is a love story, but I found it to be very realistic. It has everything…laughter, frustration, fear, love, and anything else you can think of”, so this piece of writing shows us that the she is really impressed with the movie, and would certainly like to watch it again.
“In the beginning of the movie you wonder how the two characters, Tyler (Robert Pattinson) and Ally (Emilie De Ravin), are going to be connected. Then, it starts to unfold…”, so this piece of information indicates that the critic is focused on evaluating the story of the film. In the process of evaluating the criteria, she developed a brief summary of the movie that reflected the main motive of the story, and in the second last paragraph she writes as follows, “Towards the end of the film, I was wondering where the plot was going to go and then I was speechless when it got there!”, so this points shows her satisfaction towards the movie, and this satisfaction obtained from the movie helped her in evaluating the criteria.
In general she discussed the story, her opinion, and the crew of the movie especially the leading actors. The only thing she did not discuss is the audience for this work, but I believe she didn’t discuss it since she had said in the starting paragraph that “Yes, it is a love story, but I found it to be very realistic. It has everything…laughter, frustration, fear, love, and anything else you can think of”. This statement carries a hidden message that this movie can be watched by different people with different taste in movies, since it is a combination of different categories in one. So in general the audience can be nearly all the public, it depends how people take Karen’s discussion.

http://www.moviefilmreview.com-(Then look for Remember me)

” Black Men Ski”

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As I began watching stews performance I felt it is funny and looked as if it does not carry a meaningful message, but as I got carried away with stews performance I discovered he is trying to  convey an important message through the performance.  I personally believe that he portrayed black men against different races, so as to show the impact of racism in their lives.

I believe that stews main argument is related to the impact of racism on black community as mentioned  in the first paragraph. I came up saying this point since he says ” Chinese guys jump high, we have Viagra and every ones a sex machine what can we do?”.  so indirectly he is portraying the white men as superior and black men as inferior, but why is that? it is because of  racism they went through, lets take an example –  if a person is exposed to hatred he/ she will develop negatively as the time goes by. So this shows us that the racism they faced has developed them negatively.

I think that by doing this performance he wants to create  awareness to his audience who are the different races( black, white…), and I think that is a good  idea since he can convey his message through hidden words, so that they cannot go against him, so basically I feel that the performance has shaped the argument in an appropriate way than it could be if said directly.

There are many comments posted, but i came across one comment which suggested that the performance was linked to racism. I  partially agree on that comment since i think that he was mostly trying to show the impacts of racism on the black  community and it can be proved in the second paragraph, and i would like to add one more point, in his performance he said ” we secretly play Beethoven, we can tell you how cool looks, but cannot feel it”. So this can also mean that racism has developed a fear in them which doesn’t allow them to socialize.

If I was to leave stew with a comment i would praise him for discussing his black community’s problem, bringing the situation to the world and would personally like to suggest that if he could conduct similar  performances in order to point out important issues to the world in the future.

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